Mr. Morshed Alam Chowdhury (Executive Director of Finance & Accounts)

Mr. Morshed Alam Chowdhury also known as Mr. Murad is a practicing professional in the accounting and finance field with 24 years of experience.

He began his journey in accounting with a focus on trading and has since become an expert in the manufacturing industry at Trade International Industries Ltd. (TIIL), where he has served as Executive Director of Finance and Accounts since May 2, 2000.

He earned his master’s degree in accounting from Chittagong Commerce College. Starting his career in trading in 2000, he has steadily progressed through the ranks to hold the top position in the finance and accounting department.

Mr. Morshed’s major achievements include streamlining the financial processes within the organization’s manufacturing operations. He has successfully developed financial models that integrate supply chains of various raw materials into industrial processes in a systematic manner.

Throughout his tenure, he has demonstrated strong leadership and strategic vision, successfully driving key projects and initiatives that have significantly contributed to integrating retail, dealer trade, and business finance and accounting under one roof, contributing to the company’s success.

Under his guidance, Electro Mart Ltd. has expanded its market presence, operated from trading to manufacturing, and maintained a reputation for reliability, innovation, stability even during local and global financial crises.

His commitment to achieving excellence and fostering a culture of growth has been instrumental in Electro Mart Ltd.’s continued advancement in the industry.

During his career, he has traveled extensively to various countries for professional assignments.

At 48 years old, he is blessed with a son and a daughter.